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323 - Castle of Fu Manchu

First Broadcast - 10 am Saturday, Jan 18 1991
Excellence Level: Bronze
Movie Pain: High - Embarrassing slipshod cinematography
Riffing: Chuckle-Fest at best
Skits: Weak for the most part

The first thing we learn while watching this experiment, is that Fu Manchu sunk the Titanic. (Footage from "A Night To Remember" is used) after that, it's all a crap shoot. The movie meanders about, making no attempt at presenting a viable plot line. All you can do is cry, and the bots do plenty of that during the host segments.

I found the humor very sporadic -it wobbles between the Bronze & Subpar levels- yet there were enough slick lines to keep me entertained and out of snoresville. The skits on the other hand didn't thrill me in the least (All that sobbing got old). The exception being a delightful closing segment where the Mads try and prove that they can riff too... and fail miserably.

Host Segments
Intro: Singing a SOL song. Invention: Crow & Servo offer a transducer, Dr F. has the Joe Besser stinky bomb. Oh, and Joel tries to use the big head again. Segment 1: Crow talks about the "Miss Saigon Syndrome". The Mads laugh themselves into fits. Segment 2: Magic carpet rides. Segment 3: The life of Fu Manchu. End: The Mads riff. Stinger: Jumping on the guard.

Notable Riffs
"Hey look, it's filmed in Oakland." - Servo
"Don't call me fefe at the office." - Crow as Petrie
"I feel like a hundred bucks!" - Crow as Prof. Heracles
"I am the God of hydro therapy" - Servo as Fu
"These guys are really easy to kill" - Joel
"Giant urinal cakes" - Joel
"You know, Burt Young has look worse." - Servo
"This scene's so gross even the lighting guy left." - Joel
"Was it disgusting for you, too?" - Crow as Ingrid
"Good job, you caught a tree with that little fish, that's not bad." - Joel
"This is Fu Manchu." - "And I am an alchoholic." - Fu/Servo
"Bring her to my Father." - "And bring me to an orthodontist." - Lin/Crow
"I'm learning a lot more about this guy's nasal hair than I ever wanted to know." - Joel
"The plot's starting to make sense, RUN!" - Joel
"She had to sit next to -- THE STINKY GUY!" - Joel
"Then you will sign this lady's death warrant" - "Sure. Got a pen?" -Fu Manchu// Servo as Kessler

Riff Explained
"Ed Ames you're not!" - Joel
(Said after a thrown knife misses Fu). Ed Ames was an actor/singer who played Mingo, a master of the tomahawk toss, in the series "Daniel Boone". In 1965, as a guest on the "Tonight Show", Johnny Carson challenged Ames to throw a tomahawk at a log which had a chalk outline of a man on it. From across the room, Ed let fly and hit the target... right on the groin!

Stuff & Nonsense
Tsai Chin who portrayed Lin Tang, has had a long career. From playing Nurse Lim in 1965's "Invasion", to Lindo in the "Joy Luck Club". Tsai was also the gal with James Bond when he was "murdered" in "You Only Live Twice".

Available on DVD: Volume 23

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